SMS Text and Email via APRS

I have run APRS for awhile and have used it for tracking and sending messages to other APRS users and sending packets through the International Space Station, and while I have known that APRS was capable of sending SMS text and emails I had not looked into it until recently.

APRS and SMS Converge

The Canadian Amateur, July/August 2015 Issue – Page 42 – Shortly after obtaining
my Amateur Radio licence,
I became very interested in the
Automatic Packet Reporting
System (APRS) and its
applications for emergency
communications. I quickly
discovered that I could send
and receive APRS messages
from areas that were well out of
cellular range and I had the idea
that it would be very useful if the
APRS network could exchange
messages with the cellular
Short Message Service (SMS).

How to send SMS via APRS

How can someone send from one technology to another? In the case of APRS we use gateways. Gateways are hardware components setup by 3rd parties to act like a bridge between differing communication methods, in this case APRS and SMS. By sending a message to one of these gateways it will be retranslated to the other “side” and sent.