The gateway allows you to send commands from an SMS number. This allows you, for example, to manage aliases over the SMS network, allowing you to add aliases without sending the numbers in the clear over the air. Before doing so, however, you must associate an SMS number with your callsign. Commands originating from that number will be treated as if they came from your callsign on APRS.

Note: commands sent to SSID aliases will be rejected by the server. Commands must be sent to the root callsign of the gateway (SMSGTE).


APRS users have the ability to create and use aliases rather than use telephone numbers in their APRS messages. Full details on how to use aliases can be found on the Aliases page.


In order to use the management tools on this website, you must first set your password using your cellular device. The password command cannot be sent via APRS, as it would send the password in the clear, making it vulnerable.

Deleting your password will not remove your account from the website, but you will no longer be able to login.

The password command uses the following syntax:

#password {set, delete} [password]

To set your password:

#password set <password>

To delete your password:

#password delete


#password set pass12345


The privacy feature allows an APRS user to limit messages coming from SMS. When privacy is enabled, only messages that meet the following criteria will be forwarded to APRS from the SMS network:

  • Messages from numbers for which the user has created aliases
  • Messages from numbers associated with other callsigns that use SMSGTE (Their callsign will be used as the alias)
  • Message replies in conversations initiated by the APRS station

Messages received from SMS that do not meet the above conditions will be ignored by the gateway, and not sent to APRS.

The privacy command uses the following syntax:

#privacy {enable, disable}

To enable privacy:

#privacy enable

To disable privacy:

#privacy disable

Privacy is applied to your callsign, and will apply to all of your SSID.

Send a Map

The mapme command allows users to send a map of their current location to an SMS user. The map is sent in the form of a link to their callsign shown on The destination number can either be a valid number, or one of your configured aliases.

Use the following syntax to send a map:

#mapme <number>
#mapme @<alias>


#mapme 6135551234
#mapme @mywife

Note: While the @ symbol is not required for a number with the #mapme command, it is accepted.


APRS users have the ability to create and use shortcuts to simplify entry of common phrases. Full details on how to use shortcuts can be found on the Shortcuts page.

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