APRS users now have the ability to create and use shorcuts to reduce the difficulty of entering common phrases in APRS messages. At the moment, shortcuts can only be managed via APRS or SMS (if you have associated a number with your callsign), but an interface to manage them via web is planned. Shortcuts are associated with specific callsigns, but not your SSID, so they can be used from any of your APRS stations.

The alias function uses the following syntax:

 #shorcut {add, delete, list. show} [shortcut] [full text]
 Add an shortcut: #shortcut add <shortcut> <number>
 Delete an shortcut : #shortcut delete <shortcut>
 Show an shortcut: #shortcut show <shortcut>
 List shorcuts: #shortcut list 

The various sub-commands will be explained below.

Adding an Shortcut

The #shorcut add command is followed by three parameters:

shortcut – The name of the alias.
full text – The full text that will replace the shortcut.


#shortcut add HH Heading home. 

Deleting an Shortcut

The command to delete an alias is #shortcut delete followed by a single parameter:

shortcut – The name of the shortcut you wish to delete


 #alias delete HH

Show an Shortcut

The commandto show a shortcut is #shortcut show followed by a single parameter:

shortcut – The name of the shortcut you wish to show


 #shortcut show HH

List Shortcuts

To obtain a list of your shortcuts, use the command #shortcut list.


 #shorcut list

Using a Shortcut

To send a message to an SMS number using an shortcut, simply include the shortcut in the message body.

 @mywife HH Will be home after 7.

Shortcuts are only applied when messages are sent from APRS. They will not be applied to messages from SMS.

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  1. This project is a blessing to all users. Thank you. I travel and hike remote places lacking reliable cell coverage but SMSGTE provides me a life line. Easy to use with my Kenwood TM710GA and my Yaesu FT3DR. Keep pressing ahead with a valuable tool!

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