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Linking your mobile number to your SMSGTE account has several advantages. It allows you to execute any of the commands listed on the Commands page from your mobile device and allows you to set the password required to access the user tools on this website. It will also allow you to send messages to any APRS user from your mobile device.

Managing Your Number

To configure your number, use the mynumber command with the following syntax:

#mynumber {add, delete, show} <number>

To add a number to your profile:

#mynumber add <number>

To delete the number from your profile:

#mynumber delete

To show the number associated with your callsign:

#mynumber show


To add your number:

#mynumber add 6135551234 

Send Commands

Sending commands from SMS is the same as sending them from APRS. Just send them to the gateway’s phone number.

Send and Receive Messages

Linking your mobile number with your SMSGTE account automatically creates a global alias for your number. Messages you compose into APRS from your mobile will be aliased from your callsign. Similarly, messages sent using your callsign as an alias will be delivered to your mobile device.

Example SMS Message:

Assuming your callsign is VX9ME:

To: (APRS Gateway Number)
@VX9BOB Good morning

The message delivered to APRS will be as follows:

@VX9ME Good Morning

Example from APRS:

Assuming the same callsigns as above:

@VX9ME How's the weather?

The message will be delivered to your linked mobile number as follows:

From: (APRS Gateway Number)
@VX9BOB How's the weather?
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6 Replies to “Link Your Number

    1. Perhaps it would help to clarify that you are not associating your radio to a phone number, you are associating your callsign. Even if your each of your radios operates with a different SSID (as they should), they’re all using your callsign.

          1. For Summits On The Air (SOTA) there is software that only runs on Android and others that only run on iPhone. I have two phones and two phone numbers and bring the appropriate phone for the activity of the day. Since we can’t register two phone numbers with our callsign I tried registering a Google Voice virtual number that can be used from either. But no dice. Not sure why the virtual phone number doesn’t work. Not a big deal since mountains often lack cell service anyway, hence the value of APRS and SMSGTE.

          2. I’m not sure why you can’t register the Google Voice number with SMSGTE. IS there an error you are getting?

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