Receiving on RF

I am able to send messages from RF to SMS, but I can’t seem to receive messages. Why?

In order for messages to get from the SMS gateway to your RF station, you need to have a local bi-direction iGate. If you want to learn more about how messages move from the Internet into the RF space, there’s an excellent write-up here:

In helping users troubleshoot this over the years, I have discovered that the most common issues are:

  • The user has not enabled beacons on their APRS client. If the iGate hasn’t heard your (messages don’t seem to matter), it won’t gate your messages to RF.
  • Unfortunately, many iGates are receive only. These iGates will gate messages from RF to the Internet, but not the other way around.
  • The messages do get gated to RF, but fail to reach the intended target because the iGate is using too short a path to reach it.
  • The messages do get gated to RF, but the iGate lacks the power to reach the intended target or a local digipeater.
  • The messages do get gated to RF, but high APRS traffic in the area causes collisions, corrupting the packet.
  • Incorrect tuning of radio with a software client using AFSK (volume too high or too low on radio ma prevent the AFSK software from demodulating the message)
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