How to Register

Please note, it is not necessary to register to use SMSGTE. Registering with the website is only necessary if you want to use the web management tools to configure your aliases, shortcuts and view your profile.

There are a few things that need to be done before you can register to use the web tools. These steps are all published in the User Guide, but I’ve consolidated them here to make things easier.

Step 1 – Send a message

Before you can register, you must send a message through the gateway that originates from APRS. To send a message from an APRS station, simply address your message to SMSGTE with the following format:

 @<number> <message>


 @6135551234 No cell coverage here, ping me on radio 

Step 2 – Set Your Phone Number

You must now associate your cellular number with your callsign. To add a number to your profile:

#mynumber add <number>


#mynumber add 6135551234 

Step 3 – Set Your Password

The password command cannot be sent via APRS, as it would send the password in the clear, making it vulnerable. It must be sent from the phone number you associated with your callsign in step 2.

From the cellular number you added in step 2, send the password command to the number you received your test message from in step 1. To set your password:

#password set <password>


#password set pass12345

Step 4 – Register

Once you have completed steps one through three, you callsign, and password will be stored in the database, and will be able to complete the registration form to gain access to the user tools.

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